Skidbuster® Footwear was established for one purpose, to better serve those who serve everyone else — the hospitality employees of the world! The success of Skidbuster grows out of our dedication to three goals: Keep them safe. Keep them comfortable. And keep them happy.

SAFETY: You can't keep them safe if you can't keep them upright. Skidbuster's dedication to safety is reflected in their innovative sole compounds and patterns which provide excellent slip-resistance.

COMFORT: Utilizing top quality leathers, moisture wicking linings, and removable insoles, Skidbuster stands for quality, comfort and workmanship at a price that's comfortable for everyone.

STYLE: Today's workers don't want to slip and fall, nor do they want to slip into fashion hell. Unlike so much functional footwear, Skidbuster responds to the styling desires of today's hospitality workers.

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