About Us


  1. Our Shoe mobile will arrive at your site at a time convenient to your company and associates.
  2. We measure, size and fit all associates.
  3. Selection of appropriate footwear to meet exact specifications and safety features required for the type of job performed and working environment.
  4. We have over 1400 pairs of shoes and boots in stock and we will strive to achieve a 90% fill rate on a particular date.
  5. Orders which cannot be filled will be shipped within 48 hours.
  6. Ease of accounting and book-keeping resulting in one invoice per visit giving details of associates receiving footwear.
  7. We only sell high quality recognized brands approved by your company.
  8. Scheduling can be done to accommodate times convenient to you to minimize downtime and maximize productive time.
  9. Quoted prices to include all charges include shipping and service charges.
  10. A shoemobile fitting meets all ANSI requirements.

Your input determines the "truck inventory." The shoes you select will be designed to provide maximum performance and protection in your work environment. We can assist you by recommending the very "best of the best" of safety footwear in any given style or category

We Deliver What You Need for Your Job. 

If your industry demands special safety shoes, Vulcan Safety Shoe delivers, and we handle the inventory, selection, fitting, ordering, and the exchanges for you. Our Vulcan Safety Shoemobiles are completely stocked shoe stores on wheels with service to your location.